Anguilla Compliance Association Ltd. is a non-profit association for all financial service businesses licensed in Anguilla as well as their compliance officers, individual members and students who are either following an existing compliance course of study or are interested in compliance as a career.

Our main objective is to provide an effective interface between the Anguilla financial services industry and the regulators and law enforcement agencies. ACA will work to enhance and improve the compliance industry in Anguilla by promoting robust compliance programs for organizations to adopt and implement as part of good business practices.

Many challenges lie ahead for Anguilla and its financial services industry. In order to face these challenges successfully, we will have to work together.

Structure of the ACA

ACA was established in 2016 and incorporated under the Companies Act in Anguilla as a Non-Profit company on the 22nd day of March 2016. ACA encourages financial services businesses full participation in becoming members of the Association.

In addition to holding meetings with existing members on compliance issues, the Council will hold an annual general meeting for all members. As time passes, committees will be formed to better fulfill its responsibility of compliance across the broad range of financial services conducted within and from Anguilla.

Our Council

Our executive is elected for a period of two years according to the Constitution.

Our Executive